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  • What is anti-bias education?
    Anti-bias education is a new perspective of education that influences everything within the educational process. It actively opposes any bias, prejudice, discrimination, or bullying at all times, instead of just being once-off discussions or activities.
  • Why can’t teachers handle these topics with their students instead of ABC?
    Teachers are not trained and experienced enough within the wide variety of discriminatory topics that come up in this work. Our workshop facilitators are experienced within each of their fields of expertise, and can effectively navigate these discussions and address the underlying biases. Additionally, in our experience, students do not engage with the process when teachers are acting as facilitators. Whereas outsiders like us can extract more meaningful engagement from the students, which results in real progress being made.
  • Why is a longer-term partnership necessary?
    The longer the partnership between your institution and ours, the longer discrimination will be less of an issue in your school. Through a long-term partnership, we can address every single bias issue that your school is experiencing. We can address past and current issues, as well as prevent future issues from coming up. The progress we make with a longer partnership is more long-lasting and effective.
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