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About Anti-Bias Consultancy

ABC is composed of a team of expert and experienced workshop facilitators from a variety of backgrounds. Our team covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: racism; sexism; gender-based violence; mental health; homophobia; fatphobia; colourism; ableism; classism; transphobia; religious discrimination; albinism; and xenophobia. We are passionate about helping educational institutions and the individuals within them adopt an anti-bias mindset which actively opposes any form of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and bullying.

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Our Mission

ABC aims to tackle bias and discrimination within your educational institution through tailor-making a specific management and intervention plan that can effectively eradicate these issues from your school long-term. We want to make your school a safer space for staff and students, which will make the educational process much more effective.

Our Vision

ABC sees a future where all schools are safer places for staff and students, aligning with the goals of anti-bias education. Teaching and learning will be much more effective when everyone within the school feels safe and celebrated. Educational institutions should affirm the wide variety of identities that attend the institution. That is only possible if bias and discrimination have been eradicated from the institution. ABC can make that happen through a partnership with your school.


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