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Interactive and integrative anti-bias workshops to combat discrimination.

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ABC 's Story 

What is Anti-Bias Consultancy? 

Bias, prejudice, discrimination, mental illness, and bullying plague South African schools. There are frequent scandals in the newspapers about racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and many more forms of bias and discrimination in our schools. These issues are experienced in all primary and high schools, both government facilities and private ones. Learning environments are less effective when discrimination is present, as both staff and students do not feel safe enough to either teach or learn effectively. ABC was created to address all of these issues. We can help eradicate bias, prejudice, discrimination, and bullying from your institutions.

Our Teaching Methods

ABC provides your institution with interactive, informative, integrative, and in-depth workshops in order to tackle bias and discrimination. Expert workshop facilitators tackle one issue at a time, and help work through and address each individual’s biases and improve staff and students’ mental health. There are staff-specific workshops, as well as student-specific ones. The students are divided up further according to age in order to keep topics age appropriate. Workshops are the most effective tool to handle discrimination, as it allows for engagement from all individuals so that all issues can be addressed.


Our Services


ABC offers a monthly retainer in order for us to work effectively with your school. Services included in this retainer include: opening up an (optionally anonymous) channel of communication between the company and the individuals within your institution; monitoring that channel of communication; as well as providing feedback and suggestions to management within your institution.

Termly Contracts

These short-term contracts allow us to begin the necessary anti-bias work that eradicates discrimination from your institution. They allow us to get to know your school, and what specific problems you are experiencing. They are a great way to introduce anti-biasism to your institution and provide shorter-term results in reducing discrimination.

Yearly Contracts

These longer-term contracts allow for more effective and in depth progress to be made within your institution. Discrimination is much more likely to reduce - and even disappear - within your institution with a longer-term partnership with us. We have enough time to address all the problems your school might be experiencing, in addition to preventing future problems from arising. The road to becoming anti-bias as an individual and an institution is never-ending, but we can help you attain both your goals, and the goals of anti-bias education, within your institution through this long partnership.

Why Monthly Retainers?

As mentioned above, monthly retainers allow us to: open up channels of communication between the individuals within your institution and our company; monitor those channels of communication; as well as to report back on our findings and offer suggestions to management within your institution. This is necessary for us to discover exactly what problems are plaguing your school. We can then tailor-make our intervention strategy that is specific to your school. The more specific the approach, the more effective it is. With a monthly retainer, we can create a long-term partnership between our institutions. This in turn allows for more effective and longer lasting progress to be made in your institution. Biases, prejudices, discrimination, and bullying can be eradicated from your school through our retainers

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